I’m going to share some tips for overcoming addictions. Read & be blessed.

If you are suffering from chronic immoral addiction (eg pornography/masturbation), don’t lock yourself in one room alone and say you are doing a ‘retreat’.

The sins of Immorality/addictions are like cancer. They have several stages and are hydra-headed. You must factor this in, in treatment.

Four Major Stages of Administering Cure to Addictions.1; Diagnosis.
2; Repentance.
3; Treatment.
4; Fortification.

In diagnosis, you cannot treat someone that his elder brother brought into immorality as same with someone that entered just by peer pressure.

It’s not normal to masturbate for 10yrs, it’s already animalistic. The person is no more a common victim but a demonic hotspot.

You’ll most likely gain and maintain victory over sin with physical supervision than a virtual one. Experience has shown many online, only pay lip service to instructions.

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