The matters/issues of the heart are the heart of the Matter. Therein lies all the foundations, precursors, and prerequisites.

The ways of a man are not first in actions/footpath/words but in the heart. It takes a search to find it out.

If you miss it in the heart, you have missed it entirely even if it takes time to show. The heart must be tested that is how we can know what sort it is.

Self-search and introspection are good but cannot stand the true test of the Spirit’s fire. God, Himself have to search our heart.

God’s testing of a man’s heart is like a master instrumentalist playing the harp, he can read the signs through the vibrations.

To test our hearts, God plays our hearts. Not with things but with His own Heart and can pick the discord or alignment and pass a verdict.

A long time before a man manifests, God can tell his heart. And mostly Mets to him according to this reading.

A false heart is like wickedness before God. That is why He must break us to make our hearts like His.


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