I hope to make a series on how to crack a territory soon if the Lord permits but for now let me tell you a story about the headquarters of satan.
Revelation 2:13 KJV
I know thy works, and where thou dwellest, even where Satan’s seat[Headquarters] is : and thou holdest fast my name, and hast not denied my faith, even in those days wherein Antipas was my faithful martyr, who was slain among you, where Satan dwelleth [Headquarters]
NB: Emphasis mine
Some years ago I was sent to pastor a church and the setting was an urban/village one.
I immediately started laboring in all the ways we were taught to grow a work. I need to say that I was not the first one there though, another pastor has been there already for about 3 yrs.
I fast as often as possible;
I pray as often as possible;
I follow up on brethren;
House visitations, phone calls, counselling;
I teach, I preach; I prophesied.
Sometimes people will pass and pity this small boy, who is punishing him like this.
Well, little or nothing happened.
In fact, I noticed that after some time when I started probing and pressing that everything went haywire.
That was when the onslaught started; anytime I mount the pulpit to preach, I will start to have a serious running stomach.
Meanwhile, I was actually fasting dry every day on those days or at least on the meeting days. There is no food in my stomach, am even catching my breath because of much fasting, so where is the running stuff coming from?
Anyway, I explained it away and claimed the scriptures; when I do, it will subside enough for me to minister and then continue tomorrow again.
After some time, the Holy Spirit said to me; CAN’T YOU SEE! I said, see what.
He said you are ministering at Satan’s headquarters. I was even not terribly hurt because of lifestyle and consecration.
So I went to enquire properly, the result I got was shocking and I will keep it to myself. With the intelligence I gathered from prayer and the people, I knew something has to be done but how.
How? And the Lord said and let me say that this is subjective; Gather the People to Pray All Night and All Day!
We organized a two days prayer meeting; like real prayer meetings. We were into the meeting and beings were literally falling on the roof of the building and there was literal commotion of feet and all kinds of unclean beasts on the road.
We labored and labored that night until I cried to God with desperation and He released equipment that has today been the key to the cracking of many strongholds, not much but a few.
And when we applied it, gwa gwa gwa; The whole place blew open.
Somedays later, an elderly woman met me and said that they did not give out that building to {church} 🤔
The question is what has been happening for the last three years before we came?
Many times people don’t make progress in their assignments not because they did not hear God or their methods wrong but because where they are is Satan’s headquarters.
We trust the Lord to crush Satan under our feet soon in Jesus’ name and give us the wisdom to dominate where He has assigned us!