II Corinthians 4:3-4 KJV
But if our gospel is hid, it is hid to them that are lost:
In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.
Some years ago when I was on campus, I had an experience that completely changed my life and approach to ministry.
Those days, I stayed throughout the school hostel, and the believers were advised those days to pray to God to send them roommates that suit them.
Though it was a bit sponsored by a selfish mindset because what we really meant by the prayers was to have comfortable roommates, not people to reach out to for Christ Jesus.
Now, I was a model believer in the sense that I make people know my beliefs, and my local church, study and pray as much as I can with attempts at soul-winning.
I had a roommate I felt so strongly about winning over God, but he had a lot of arguments.
I have to prepare a day long to be able to make my many attempts. Even when he admits he has a call, still he was not willing to surrender.
He will ask normal atheistic and agnostic questions like; Why did God put the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in the garden if He knew Adam has the possibility of falling prey to it?
One day, I was really ready for him and we rationally arrived to answer many of his questions. It took five hours of the intense exchange.
Finally, he gave in; so I now told him to surrender to Jesus. He turned and laughed me to scorn and simply told me I spoke well ooo, but later, later, and left.
I felt so bad that day, so bad it spurred me to stumble on a secret that changed my life.
In despair, I went to seek God’s face on this matter.
Naturally, I don’t like failing, so I went to find out from God why I preached the gospel as prescribed and nothing happened. This incident troubled me for one year.
One day, I remembered I read somewhere that someone prayed to God, ‘Give Me Souls, or I die’. I decided to try this in the case of my friend. So I just went on seven days 6-6 fasting and prayers simply asking God to give me this soul or I die.
On the seventh day after the fast, nothing happened. So I left for our annual church program those days for 4 days and I normally sleep in church.
On the day I came back, I met my friend at the place we call the lawn tennis court on campus. That was when he told me about the encounter he had and how he has been looking for me for many days now.
He went to a particular campus fellowship, after a very beautiful sister. After inviting him to meet about four times, the lady finally agreed.
He collected her number and was planning a visit with the lady but on this particular day, something happened in the meeting.
The fellowship was a charismatic one, so they expressly allow the move of the Spirit of God.
And on this day, the Holy Spirit was especially moving. The fellowship president was laying hands or even just touching a few folks and the power of God was touching a few.
After some time, the minister just touched him. What happened next is that he shook slightly and knowing a little about charismatic dimensions, he supposed that it was possible they want him to fall under the power.
So he said and I quote, ‘Guyman like me not fit fall ooo’ and to prevent this he went and rested his back firmly on a wall. Well, that was the last thing he remembered he did.
He woke up about 2 hours later praying in tongues and surrounded by fellowship executives.
He carried this glory to his room and his roommates that were diabolic cultists ran away [by this time, it’s a year after and he is living off-campus]. He prayed in tongues till he slept.
The real problem started in the morning which is why he searched for me for three days. He woke up thinking he was still the normal guy and wanted to greet people only for unknown tongues to gush out.
He went to lectures, and tried everything to speak English or vernacular but could only bring forth tongues.
That was how God literally hijacked his vocal cords for 3 days and by the time I met him, he said it was not long before he was able to speak with the tongues of men.
Saying he has been looking for me to release him from the curse because he actually made a wager with me on this.
I arranged myself now as a king and asked him, ‘Do you now believe?’ He knelt down at the lawn tennis court and raised his hand in surrender.
From that day, I saw that there are actual real forces in contention for the souls of men. It takes winning warfare in the secret to winning it in the open.
We went for outreaches to all the hostels in the campus save for two with people sometimes falling under convicting power in their rooms and many diverse signs.
But one prayer I always make and taught my team with fastings and prayer is always ‘Give me souls or I die’ and I don’t know how correct it is but the Lord always honors it.
The intent is always to break the hold of Satan and darkness over men and territories so that the glorious light of the gospel will shine on them. Shalom!!!